On the Chopping Block 2012: State Prison Closings

By The Sentencing Project |  December 7, 2012

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to share with you a new report from The Sentencing Project, On the Chopping Block 2012: State Prison Closings. The report illustrates the growing trend of states to downsize or close their prisons--reducing prison capacity in 2012 by 14,100 beds, and 28,000 since 2011.

This year, states planning to close prisons include California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Reforms in sentencing and parole policies have resulted in less demand for prison space in addition to states working to balance budget priorities.

The full report, On the Chopping Block: State Prison Closings, includes a comprehensive chart on state closings. We hope you find this publication useful in your work. We encourage you to be in touch with the author of the report, Director of Advocacy, Nicole D. Porter, at nporter@sentencingproject.org to discuss how we can support your efforts in the area of state sentencing reform.


Marc Mauer