New Baptist Covenant gathering slated for November

Past Convention President Shaw to Co-Chair

By Associated Baptist Press John Pierce |  April 7, 2011

Three years after the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant drew 15,000 persons from various Baptist groups to Atlanta, a second major event is being planned for mid-November with large church-based gatherings to be held across the nation.

The major sessions will originate at the Atlanta gathering and be beamed to the various locations. Hosts in each location may provide additional programming and will coordinate ministry opportunities to close out the event...

[Former President Jimmy] Carter said holding the meetings in churches in various cities will reduce overall costs and permit more people to be involved than the single large gathering held in Atlanta in 2008. All participants, he said, will be “bound electronically and through the Spirit of Christ.”

Longtime Baptist leader Jimmy Allen...and Philadelphia pastor William Shaw, former president of the National Baptist Convention Inc., will co-chair the event with Carter serving as convener...  Read More