NBC Churches Impacted by the Recent Floods in LA & MS Ask for Your Prayers

By Denise Mayhan, Website Content Manager |  August 19, 2016

Dr. Jerry Young, President of the NBC, USA, Inc. has made a plea for disaster relief support to assist our churches and members impacted by the devastating storms and floods in LA and MS this past week. The Greater First Church Baptist in Baker, LA, pastored by Rev. Dr. Anthony Kelley, was especially hard hit.  Dr. Kelley is asking the Convention for its prayers and support (Mailing address:  8647 Glenfield Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70809 Email:  akelleyrev@aol.com Phone: (225) 916-4455).

Please remember in prayer all of our churches impacted by this disaster. But for the Grace of God, it could be you.  Please give generously.


8 feet of flood waters destroy Greater First Church Baptist Bashful/Perkins Activity Center in Baker, LA

Greater First Church Baptist, Baker, LA Activity Center

Greater First Church Baptist in Baker, LA sanctuary destroyed by 8 feet of flood waters

Pastor Kelley