Music And Worship Arts Launches NEW Pastors In Partnership Blog!

By Angelique Banks-Coleman, Music and Worship Arts Auxiliary President |  August 20, 2016

In recognition of reaching the milestone of  20 years of service, the Music and Worship Arts Auxiliary is launching a monthly blog, Pastors In Partnership (PIP).  The Music and Worship Arts Auxiliary asserts that the pastor is the chief worship leader in the church.  Those who are called to lead in music and/or worship ministry are actually assistants to the Pastor in the area of worship and music.  It is for that reason that we, as an auxiliary, seek to include Pastors in the work of this Auxiliary.  There are specific initiatives for this PIP Ministry that will be presented over time, the first of which is Pastors writing worship blogs. Our first blogpost is by Dr. Haywood A. Robinson, III, Pastor of The People's Community Baptist Church in Silver Spring, MD. 

Visit the Pastors In Partnership Blog