Music and Worship Arts 2016 Annual Session Schedule of Activities

By Angelique Banks-Coleman, Music and Worship Arts Auxiliary President |  August 20, 2016

The 20th "Emerald" Anniversary celebration begins for the Music and Worship Arts Auxiliary during the 2016 Annual Session in Kansas City, MO.  Dr. Banks-Coleman and her team have planned a wonderful time of music, worship, learning and fellowship.  The schedule follows.


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The Emerald Celebration


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2016 Classes, Seminars and Workshops
Reaching Beyond the Break: Expanding Your Music and Worship Ministry Beyond Singing
This course is designed to expose the music ministry within the local church to the worship arts that extend beyond singing groups. The utilization of dance, puppetry, dramatic expressions, visual art, and instrumental/orchestral music into the worship experience also give glory to God.
Developing A Broad Music Repertoire for the Local Church
This course is designed to aid the Minister of Music/Music Director of the local church in developing and utilizing a broad range of music genres within the church. Participants will be exposed to the use of hymns, anthems, spirituals, traditional and contemporary music that will enhance the worship experience.

Do You Feel Me? : Understanding Your Congregants
This course is designed to assist the Minister of Music/Music Director of the local church to better understand the congregants served weekly, in order to develop a more positive relationship with the worshippers.  Practical and analytical techniques will be utilized to actively involve the music ministry ‘across ministry lines’ within the church.

Vocal Training 1: Basic Techniques and Exercises
This course is a study in basic vocal technique and elements of music.  This course is intended for those interested in developing their singing voice.  Students are expected to develop basic singing technique and a better understanding of the voice mechanism and its function. The sound technique taught is applicable to both individual and ensemble singing.  Additionally, information will be given to each individual student on basis of accomplishment and previous study. The teacher will also provide students with basic vocalizes by various composers (Vaccai, Marchesi, or Concone) that will be used during course. 
Media Workshop-Open Forum
What’s Going On?: The Joys and Pains of Multi-Media in Our Churches
Multi-Media are an essential part of every church. Regardless of congregation size or demographics, media, technology and social media play an important role in communicating the Gospel and enhancing worship in dynamic ways. This session will address the question of "What’s going on?” in multi-media in our churches today.  We will also discuss the “joys and pains” commonly faced by media directors in their leadership roles as they follow their pastor’s direction while juggling and overcoming the challenges with managing budgets, volunteers, equipment and much more. 
Convention Choir
Recording Artists:
Min. Eddie Robinson
Bro. David Curry
Choir Attire:
Modesty, please; sleeves, etc.
Ladies: all black dresses/suits;
and white blouses, black skirts, no pants, please
Men: Dark suits, white shirts and ties
Evening Worship begins at 7:00 P.M.
Tuesday Evening Worship
20th Anniversary Sermon
Choir: Kansas City Convention Choir 2016
The Message:
The Reverend Dr. J. Wendell Mapson, Pastor
Monumental Baptist Church
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wednesday Evening Worship
President’s Annual Address
Choir: Huron Valley District Association Choir, Michigan
The Message:
Angelique Banks Coleman: Minister of Worship and Education
Burke Avenue Baptist Church
Bronx, New York
Thursday Evening Worship
20th Anniversary Musical
The Reverend Michael Portley, Worship Leader
Isaac Cates and Company
Brian Lenair, Saxophonist
Salem Mass Choir, Salem Baptist Church, Omaha, Nebraska
Patrick Lundy and the Ministers of Music


**Important information:

The Music and Worship Arts Auxiliary will meet in the following areas:
Kansas City Convention Center
Music Auxiliary Office - Room 2102A
Music Auxiliary General Session - Room 2103 A & B
Please note that National Baptist Convention will not have the evening
Ordinance Worship Service this year.