Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention's boys academy may expand into New Orleans this summer

By Marilyn Stewart - The Times-Picayune |  January 24, 2013

When the Rev. C. S. Gordon, pastor of New Zion Baptist Church, became president of the Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention two years ago, he brought to his office a vision for saving at-risk boys. The convention’s Harry Blake Boys Academy, started last summer at three pilot programs across the state, shows promise of doing exactly that.

This summer, a program in New Orleans is being considered.

“It really was the vision of Pastor Gordon to help young men move forward, finish high school and move on to college,” said James R. Lee, state convention chief operating officer.

Lee said a comparison of students’ pre-tests and post-tests scores showed improvement upwards to “120 percent.” Seventy percent of the students increased by a grade level, Lee said.

“This is not a day care. There’s no recess. No naptime. No play time,” he said...Read More


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