Laymen of the Year John L. Webb Applications Now Being Accepted

By James Deen, Vice President |  July 25, 2012

Now Receiving John L. Webb Applications for Layman of the Year

Each year the National Baptist Laymen name a layman of the year. The person is the recipient of the John L. Webb Award. It is the most prestigious award that a layman can receive. It is named after the first National Laymen president John L. Webb from Hot Springs, AR who served from 1923 to 1946.
How Do Men Get Named National Layman of the Year?
A man must be recommended from someone.
What are the Qualifications?
A man must be active in his laymen's movement at his local church, district association, state convention and the National Baptist Laymen's Movement. He must be in good standing in the Discipleship ministry.
What is Needed?
The person that is recommending a candidate must:
    1. Submit a resume on the man that is being recommended that includes his laymen's work
        in his local church, district, state, and national. Other community work can be included.
    2. Submit letters of recommendation from his pastor and other leaders. i.e. local laymen president,
        state laymen president, state convention president, etc.
    3. The man being recommended must attend the John L. Webb Banquet.
Where Do I Send the Information?
Mail the information to the national Social & Fellowship Vice President:
           Mr. James Deen
           201 S. Bead Street
           Alma, GA 31510
What is the Deadline?
It must be postmarked no later than August 16, 2012
When will the Layman of the Year Be Announced?
It will be announced at the John L. Webb Banquet
If I Have Any Questions Who can I Contact?         
Vice President James Deen