Laymen Congress Session Updates

June 15, 2014

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Laymen Congress Session Updates
National Baptist Congress of Christian Education
Dallas, Texas

Dear Friends:
Whether you are at the 109th Congress in St. Louis, at home or on-the-go, you can be the first to know what is going on at the laymen's session June 16 - 20, 2014. 
You will be the first to know which state won the basketball tournament and the new bible bowl champion. You will receive video clips of the seminar lecturer and get first hand photos of the various evangelistic ministries taking place during the week. You will feel like you are right there.

Sign up, turn on and tune in to:

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Go to your app store (ios, android, etc) and download the Socialcam app. Follow me. Also check your Facebook stream for a video excerpt of laymen activities.
If you need any help in signing up for any of these accounts, call, text or email me.  816-590-5443 or
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