Hurry! Deadline to enroll in Health Care Plan is Approaching!

By The Team |  January 22, 2016

Last chance to get covered! We’re #HeretoHelp! 
We’re just days away from the final enrollment deadline. People in your community need to know that time is running out - they must enroll by January 31. If they miss the deadline, they might have to wait another year to enroll – and they may be required to pay a penalty for not having coverage when they file their federal income taxes.
To get the word out - join us for one last #HereToHelp social media campaign and make sure people in your community know you’re available to provide free enrollment assistance. 
  1. Customize a poster. Customize the poster template with your community name or location. You can type it in or just write it with a marker. 
  1. Print a poster. The poster can print on standard 8.5x11 printing paper – but remember bigger is always better. We recommend you print a large version - 24x36 is an ideal size.
  2. Take a group photo. Grab your colleagues, hold up your posters and pose for a photo outside the site of where you’re signing people up.
  3. Share your photo. Share your group photo on Facebook and Twitter anytime from now until deadline day! Be sure to use the hashtags #GetCovered and #HeretoHelp. We’ll look for your photos and make sure to retweet and share your posts so we can get the word out even wider.
Earlier today, HHS released the latest enrollment numbers for communities across the country. Visit this link: to find out how many people in your community have enrolled in coverage so far. Share this number on Facebook and Twitter. 
  • SAMPLE TWEET: Join the over [##,000] people in [CITY NAME] who have already enrolled at Sign up by Jan 31 at and #GetCovered. 
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Thanks for all you are doing to help people get covered before the deadline!
The Team