Hurricane Sandy: A Message of Comfort from the Home MIssion Board

By Rev. Gilbert Pickett, Chairman and Rev. Charles Mock, Executive Secretary |  October 31, 2012

The Home Mission Board continues in prayer for those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. We seek God's face on your behalf, asking Him to manifest His strength, comfort and peace in the midst of the personal, family and, or Church storm created by Sandy. We stand with you in solidarity of faith as you go through. We know that all that we go through God will see us through.

Because your faith has been built and well established in Jesus Christ, it is our firm conviction and confidence that the storm will not blow away, nor will the water drown your spirit. Thank God for the words of the hymn, "Oh for a faith that will not shrink though pressed against the foe, that will not tremble at the brink of any earthly woe...a faith that shines more bright and clear when tempest rage without...and when in darkness knows no fear and in danger knows no doubt!

Beyond our prayers, we pray that in the days to come the Home Mission Board will be able to provide some expression of material supply or service on your behalf.


Prayerfully in Solidarity with the Savior's mercy and might,

Rev. Gilbert Pickett, Chairman
Rev. Charles Mock, Executive Secretary

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