Home Mission Board Statement on the Michael Brown Tragedy

August 20, 2014

The Home Mission Board expresses our sympathy and prayers of comfort to Michael Brown's family. Only parents who have lost a child by way of violence knows the pain and anguish they are going through. We call on all pastors to remember them in prayer on their prayer meeting night. 
We also call for national prayer for peaceful protesters and innocent citizens of Ferguson, Missouri as they continue exercising their civil rights through peaceful protest.
We also join others in calling for justice for all the persons connected with this very sad and unfortunate circumstance as well as their protection against all hurt and harm. 
We join our voice in the call for the end of all violence and encourage the kind of non-direct violence championed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   
We deeply regret the larger historical social, economic and judicial context which precedes this death which reflects present realities in so many other large and small cities across this nation. Histories of distrust with law enforcement organizations, the criminalization of race and the problems within the prison industrial complex is a perennial problem that must be addressed systematically, organizatonally and intentionally by communities of faith. 
The Home Mission Board has been a part of efforts to establish a social justice voice within our state and national Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. We will continue to do what resources and our convention allows in the sundry efforts to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly before our God.
Rev Gilbert Pickett, Chairman 
Charles Mock, Executive Secretary