Foreign Mission Board Update: Rebuilding Suehn - To the Glory of God!

By Foreign Mission Board |  August 26, 2013

My Brothers and Sisters:

All around us, we witness as life and nature come once again into full bloom. The Foreign Mission Board also experiences a renewed vigor and excitement in this New Season of Missions! Because of your support, there are mission stations with elementary and high schools, clinics and hospitals, bible clubs and churches in countries such as Malawi and Swaziland, Guinea and Sierra Leonne. Just to name a few!

In 1912 the Foreign Mission Board established Suehn Industrial Mission in the capital city of Monrovia, Liberia. During a 15-year Civil-War that lasted from 1990-2005 countless lives were lost, families were torn apart, and the Suehn Industrial Mission was destroyed. Once a place for children to learn and play and for a community to worship God, Suehn was destroyed; transformed from a mission station to a battlefi eld. Today, together the people of Liberia and the Foreign Mission Board are rebuilding Suehn.

We are constructing a new Suehn Baptist Church with the necessary worship space and meeting areas, so once again Suehn will be the center of a thriving worship community. The rebuilding cost total $250,000. Every church or individual contribution over $1000 will have their picture hung in the Wall of Honor inside the church lobby.

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Let’s Rebuild Suehn—Together—To the Glory of God.

Grace & Peace,

Rev. Nicholas S. Richards
Executive Secretary