Farewell to Brother Charles Mason

Thank you and Photographic Memories

By Sis. Evelyn Mason |  August 30, 2010


I thought I knew God and His marvelous works.

I thought I knew how God would deliver on His word.

I thought I knew the essence of God’s love and concern for me.

I thought I knew the extent of your love and concern for me.

But I have learned lately; I did not really know.


Thank you to each of you for making God more real to me than ever before.

Thank you for showing me what bereavement ministry is all about.


I will be forever grateful for every condolence, every expression, every prayer, every visit, every card, every flower, every generous donation given to me during the bereavement of my husband, Deacon Charles E. Mason.


I ask that you keep me in your prayers as I embark on the next step in the journey God has in store for me. I will go forth with God, armed with the grateful memories of a loving and devoted husband and with folks like you supporting me.