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July 16, 2014

Empowered to Serve

What is the American Heart Association's EmPowered to Serve Community?

The megacommunity is a group of individuals from the faith-based sector, organizations, businesses and government coming together to focus on improving health in multicultural communities. This group will share best practices, develop strategies and ultimately help to drive a "sustainable culture of health" within our nation through guiding individuals to better health and changing the environment in which we live.

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EmPowered to Serve Objectives:
  • Increase healthy living behaviors
  • Enhance the chain of survival
  • Expand access and empower communities

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Recap Of Our Kick-Off Event

The EmPowered To Serve Roundtable kick-off event was a success! On October 2nd in Chicago, more than 105 faith leaders and other key stakeholders from across the country gathered in a united effort to discuss the state of health in diverse populations. These individuals will help form and lead the megacommunity to share resources, best practices, and create solutions to transform the culture of health in our communities.

"No single church or non-profit has all the resources; we need to join together and empower youth to educate their families."
- Rev. Bonnie Camarda

"This is not one of those meetings where we come to talk and we leave to forget what we talked about."
- Rev. Dr. Michael Minor

"We need to engage women to be a part of the catalyst for change, as Women/Moms set the tone for families."
- Monica Moss

"Faith Based communities are the original social network."
- Dr. Clyde Yancy