Dr. Randy Vaughn Recognized by FEMA for Contributions in Emergency Management

February 29, 2012

Black History Month 2012:

Highlighting the Contributions of African Americans in Emergency Management

In honor of Black History Month, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division recognized Dr. Randy Vaughn, Director of the Office of Disaster Management of the NBC, USA, Inc. for his contributions to disaster relief.   Dr. Vaughn was interviewed by FEMA.  Following are a few excerpts:

Q: How did you, as a pastor of a church, become involved in emergency management?

Dr. Vaughn:  ...When Hurricane Katrina hit, my town was one of the first towns where people stopped to seek shelter and refuge. Hurricane Rita hit my community shortly after Katrina. It was then I realized, from a national perspective, we did not have an organized response to disasters...I realized we needed a collective national body that spoke on the behalf of denominations during a disaster crisis...

Q: What advice do you have for faith-based organizations to become an active part of any emergency or disaster response?

Dr. Vaughn:  The answer rests with education. People need to be educated in their local communities and understand what emergency management is all about. It is important community members and emergency managers get connected in that network. There needs to be a bridge connecting the assets of faith-based organizations with those of emergency managers so they can build and learn from one another...

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