Chaplain's Professional Development Institute Courses Information

By Dr. Charles Thomas, Ecclesiastical Endorser |  February 25, 2013

The 2013 Chaplains Professional Development Institute:

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Seminar # 1: SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT/SPIRITUAL MATURITY. This Seminar will provide
definitions, resources, and insights on the subjects of Spiritual Development and
Spiritual Maturity. Because the National Baptist Chaplain is responsible for the Spiritual
development of the soldiers and families under his or her care, it is important for the
chaplain to be aware of related resources available for spiritual care and development,
as well as for the need and criticality for such an emphasis. In addition to definitions
and resources, the seminar participants will look at how the ministry of spiritual
Development is currently being performed, and how it can be improved.

Seminar # 2: SUFFERING IN SILENCE: This Seminar will take a look at how the pastor,
chaplain, commander, supervisor, and other leaders who deal with high levels of stress,
stress that can cause them to become self-destructive, to the point of sacrificing their
careers and family relations or even committing suicide. The Baptist Chaplain,
particularly the National Baptist Chaplain is often isolated from other Chaplains and may
feel that they have no other place to go when personal crisis situations arise. The same
phenomenon can occur with Commanders (at all levels), hospital administrators, or
other persons who are professionally "isolated" from peers and who may experience
the "loneliness" that occurs at the top of a personnel system. This Seminar will ask the
Chaplain or Pastor to look at ways of recognizing such symptoms in themselves and in
others, and will suggest ways for addressing the issue.

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