Cabela's Camp NBC 2015 Annual Report & Video Intro

By Genesis Watkins, Partnership Director |  July 27, 2016

2015 was a great year for the Cabela's Camp NBC Partnership.  Almost 900 children from LA, MS, KS, SC and MI participated in this unique outdoor education experience.  And 2016 camps are in full swing, attracting even more young people., So, what is Camp NBC?

Camp NBC is a product of the partnership between Cabela’s and the National Baptist Convention, USA Inc. It is funded by the Cabela’s Outdoor Fund’s commitment to a four-year grant, awarded to the National Baptist Convention. Through this partnership, Cabela’s seeks to diversify its workforce, broaden its outdoor education efforts and expand its customer base.

Through this program, we hope to provide the children and youth of our churches with fun and enriching outdoor education experiences that challenge them to dream big and “envision the future exceptionally.”

Want to learn more about the camps?  Click here to download the 2015 Annual Report

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