Birmingham, Alabama Recovery Initiative Damage Caused by Tornadoes

By Thad Jones, General Secretary, Laymen |  May 9, 2011

The Alabama Assessment & Recovery Initiative


            The National Baptist Convention U.S.A., Inc. commissioned an evaluation; assessment and recovery site visit of the damage and destruction done by the tornadoes in the Birmingham, Alabama area recently.


            The Alabama Assessment & Recovery Initiative was attended by Rev. Randy Vaughn, National Disaster Management Director; Rev. David Frazier, Alabama State Disaster Management Coordinator for the National Convention; A. L. Folmar, Alabama State Laymen President; MacArthur McGriggs, National Laymen Disaster Director; Artis Cook, National Laymen; Alvin Moore, Birmingham, Alabama Disaster Coordinator for National Laymen; and Harold Simmons, National Laymen President. James "Jitterbug" Thompson and a worker from St. Louis, Missouri were also in Birmingham doing work at the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. T. L. Lewis Pastor.


            The team visited the cities of Birmingham, Pratt, Cullen, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Harvest, Lake Shor, and other communities. The damage in these communities is different than Katrina. The number of houses damaged as a result of Katrina were still standing and were able to be rehabbed. The houses in Alabama were virtually destroyed and very few houses will be able to be rehabbed. There are some houses with roof damage that will possibly be able to repair, but the vast majority of houses will have to be rebuilt from the ground up.


            There will be a three-phase unified effort under the direction of Rev. Randy Vaughn in connection with Rev. Charles Mock, National Home Mission, the National Laymen and the Alabama State Laymen to assist in the recovery of these communities.


Phase 1 - to have men and women come to the areas to help in the clean up.

Phase 2 - to connect with Habitat For Humanity to provide the manpower to build houses.

Phase 3 - to use contractors under the direction of MacArthur McGriggs to build houses for people that receive insurance money but not enough to build.


MacArthur McGriggs is a contractor who is currently building a church in Jackson, MS.


Phase 1 will begin May 16th.


Anyone interested in assisting in any or all of these phases please contact:

Harold Simmons            816-898-6828

A. L. Folmar                  334-672-4546



See below the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church that was destroyed.

Dr. T. L. Lewis, Pastor

Deacon Alvin Moore, Member, National Junior Laymen Director


Bethel MB Church Destroyed

Debris laying on blue pews from the collapsed roof and walls