A Unique Final Project at American Baptist College

By Robert Hoggard, Student, American Baptist College |  April 29, 2013

American Baptist College's legacy of fighting for justice and its new mission statement shapes the course work of ABC's first online activism class, "Community Organizing 101 in Cyberspace."

"Community Organizing 101 in Cyberspace," is about preparing students to be social media activists. The class teaches students civil organizing strategies through social media tools.

As a final project, students will re-launch (MICTAN) First Response Center, giving them better online presence. For over the last 30 years, the Metropolitan Interdenominational Church Technical Assistance Network (MICTAN) has been dedicated to both serving persons newly infected with HIV/AIDS and to serving those faith leaders who are in need of the tools to address the conundrum of HIV/AIDS in their churches... Read More