2013: The Year of the Sunday School

By Congress of Christian Education |  March 6, 2013

A Focus on Sunday School and Sunday School Superintendents

2013:  Year of the Sunday School

The National Baptist Congress of Christian Education has designated 2013 The Year of the Sunday School. During this year the Congress is encouraging National Baptist constituent churches to focus on Biblical literacy and transformational teaching.  In support of this emphasis, we are offering a number of programs and resources.

The Sunday School Superintendents Conference
March 22-23, 2013
Baptist World Center
Nashville, TN

Leadership: Dr. Frances Davis and Mrs. Pianelius Howell Foster

We know the importance of teaching the Word of God in your church.  Join us as we examine the state of the Sunday School across America and identify strategies to have a strong and successful Sunday School in your church.

Many of our Sunday Schools are suffering – Sunday School has come to be seen as an option and not a necessity.  We want to assess and evaluate all of the Christian Education efforts that are going on in our National Baptist Family.  We are dedicating a “Year of the Sunday School”.  People need to emphasize the importance of Christian Education and training.  We need to be about putting the word of God vibrantly and victoriously in the hands of every National Baptist constituent.

Many leaders in the Congress don’t have an opportunity to participate in the Congress educational opportunities because they are otherwise occupied during the congress meeting – this is an opportunity for the leaders to be participants.  

If you’re a Sunday School Superintendent – you’ll be able to hear what others are doing across the country.  We will be looking to develop model principles and practices to help develop and grow your Sunday School.  The model we are putting forth is how to be effective with limited resources and staff.  There will be something in it for everyone, whether the Sunday School is small or large.  It’s also an opportunity to focus on another area of interest than that which you are participating in during the Congress Annual Session – a chance to pursue another area of interest in a concentrated way and not have to spend a full week doing it and all the expense that goes along with that.  

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Sunday School Superintendent’s Conference
Graduating Class of 2013

In conjunction with The Year of the Sunday School, in this year’s session, we will be recognizing the first graduating class of the four-year curriculum for Sunday school superintendents offered through the Sunday School Superintendent’s Conference.

Certification of Sunday Schools and Sunday School Teachers

A new certification program is being developed that will enable the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education to award and recognize Certified Sunday Schools and Certified Sunday School Teachers in local National Baptist Churches. This program will include structured guidelines, uniformed reporting tools designed to enhancing our emphasis on strong weekly Bible education experiences.

Sunday School Teacher and Superintendent of the Year

The National Baptist Congress of Christian Education is working to develop a program and reporting process to review the work of Sunday School and Teachers in local churches of National Baptist constituent churches. Utilizing well established goals and procedures, the work of local Sunday School Teachers and Superintendents will be reviewed and Sunday School Teacher of the Year and Sunday School Superintendent of the Year Awards will be presented during the annual session of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education.


The National Baptist Congress of Christian Education

Dr. George W. Waddles, Sr. President
Dr. Elliott Cuff, Dean
Dr. Doretha Johnson, General Secretary

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