‚ÄčThe Music Auxiliary Previews Activities for their 20th Year Celebration

By Dr. Angelique Banks-Coleman, Music and Worship Arts Auxiliary President |  May 20, 2016

A Message from Music and Worship Arts Auxiliary President Dr. Angelique Banks-Coleman

This year we will celebrate the twentieth year of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Music Auxiliary!  We praise God for this time of celebration!  In the coming weeks, visit us often as we bring you the important updates and opportunities of this celebration in September in Kansas City at the Annual Session.  

We are also excited to begin to bring you blogs from what we are calling Pastors in Partnership (“PIP”).  Each of the contributing pastors are members of our Convention and have a background in some area of the worship arts.  Because we view and aver that the pastor is the chief worship leader, we have asked that they partner with us in bringing you Scriptural and theological blogs/articles, workshops and seminars dealing with the music and the worship arts... Read More