A Valiant Soldier! A Message from President Scruggs

A valiant soldier and preacher/pastor of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. and a valuable member of the body of Christ has been called home by our Lord.  We will greatly miss him.
Our prayers are being lifted to God for his wife and family and for the family of the Mount  Corinth Baptist Church.
President Julius R. Scruggs


Posted by Pastor Frank Young on April 30, 2014
A mighty oak has fallen in forest of gospel preachers. God bless his family.
Posted by Pastor George B. Washington on April 17, 2014
One of the great spiritual minds of our time has gone home from labor to reward. I will greatly miss his presence at the National Congress sessions and will always remember how much he influenced my ministry. To his loving family, be of good cheer, God will take care of you.
Posted by Ira Caples on April 16, 2014
A young man I was, attending the 57th Annual LK Williams institute in Dallas TX and sitting under the preaching/teaching/lecturing of giants such as CAW Clark, ML Scott, EK Bailey, TJ Winters and Dr A Louis Patterson. All in glory now. Dr Patterson lectured powerfully on Evangelism. His lectures spurred me to discover where the Spirit had gifted me. A great man of God. Praying for his family and church family.
Posted by Charels Mock on April 16, 2014
I am one of many who sat mesmerized and holy hypnotized by the rare giftedness of this great expository preacher/teacher par excellent. In an age wherein sensational sermons void of real exegetical substance and hermeneutical relevancy are a dime a dozen, I will miss Dr. Patterson. His spirit will always be present challenging my temptation toward Saturday night specials.
Posted by Dr. Isaiah Robinson, JR. on April 16, 2014
I met Dr. A. Louis Patterson in late 80's while I attended one of Dr. Jasper Williams Preaching Conference. I was amazed and blessed by such a man of God as he lectured doing the Conference. Dr. Williams introduced me to him and he and Dr. E.K. Bailey named me Jasper #2 because of my resemblance to Dr. Williams. Over the years we communicated as he would enlighten me to materials to study and how properly exegete a text. He was a mighty oak a might man of God yet he possessed a humble and submissive spirit, He walked with Presidents and kings but never lost the common touch nor ever forgot where he came from. His character, integrity and his walk with God is without blemish. Thank God for sending him to us to represent the Kingdom. Our prayers are with his family. Doing his appreciation at the National Congress 2013 we talked at length and I was given invaluable wisdom from him. He shall forever be an indelible factor in my life and ministry. I will always remember Dr. Patterson -Oh what a Man of God.
Posted by Dr. Robert Charles Jones, Jr. - Pastor of Mt. Carmel M.B. Church, Chicago, IL. on April 16, 2014
Dr. Patterson will always be an ICON of preaching. This side of heaven is not as bright as it was when he was with us all.
Posted by Dr Joseph B. Felker, Jr. Pastor Emeritus Mt. Carmel M.B. Church, Chicago, IL. on April 16, 2014
A Great man has gone home to be with the Lord, we will miss his profound teaching and preaching.
Posted by CDR Aaron Jefferson Jr. CHC, USN (Retired) on April 14, 2014
I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Pastor Patterson when I was the Assistant to the late Rev. W. Leo Daniels. Pastor Patterson would come each year to teach in our Church Institute. After the meeting I asked what books should I be reading. He said the Bible. I am thankful to have benefited from his counsel. He will be sorely missed. The Jefferson family will pray and continue to lift up the Patterson family. Heart broken now but joy will come in the morning.
Posted by Rev. Dr. Lawrence A. Ragland on April 14, 2014
I will remember Dr. Patternson from when I recommended him to be our spring lecturer at my alumna Union University in Jackson,TN. I was his local host pastor. I knew he was coming in a day early so I ask him to lecture at my Spring Revival on the Tuesday night. My evangelist said now what do you want me to do coming behind A.L. Patternson. I said just PREACH. We had a high time that night and Dr. Pat always remembered me as bring him to McLemoresville,TN. R.I.P. Dr. A.Louis Patternson.
Posted by S. Lockert on April 14, 2014
I will always remember Dr. Patterson's beautiful exegesis of scriptures. I first heard him at Loveland Church in North Fontana, CA where I am a long time member. I listened to him focus on one scripture and fed our spirits so deeply and profoundly. As a pastor teacher he was a rare jewel. I counted it a great blessing to hear him preach because of his eloquence, knowledge, and excellent use of words. He was indeed one of God's chosen few. I know that his preaching blessed my family and all the people who heard him all over this world. Whenever he was in Los Angeles I would go to hear him preach. I am sadden that he is no longer here and I will miss him. God bless his wife, family, and Mt. Corinth Baptist Church family. I offer my prayers and condolence to them.
Posted by Pastor Fredrick A. Davis on April 12, 2014
OH! OH! OH!, will not only be the sound that shall forever be in my mind but the teachings he gave to me on Stewardship as a young minister attending his Stewardship Class in the Congress Ministers Division and of course the picture in my office that captures me being caught up as he preached in a Stewardship Revival at the Antioch Baptist Church, North in Atlanta, Georgia where Dr. Cameron M. Alexander is the pastor. "God Can Be Trusted"
Posted by Mary Robinson on April 12, 2014
I remember Dr. Patterson's smile and warmth. His face would light up as he talked about Jesus. I am so glad I was in attendance along with thousands of others when the National Congress honored him last June. I will continue to pray for the entire Patterson and Mount Corinth family. I am a living witness that God will be with you during this time and always.
Posted by Pastor James Goolsby on April 12, 2014
One of Gods greatest preachers.I was blessed on numerous occasions to here him preach and to be in his presence. He was a jewel with a humble spirit. Pastor James Goolsby, First Baptist Church, Macon Ga
Posted by Yvonne King on April 12, 2014
Dr. Patterson will be missed and fond memories will linger in my heart forever. I was saddened hearing of the passing of my pastor and friend. He and sweet Melba showed me and my family much love when they came to CA for the homegoing of my mother Jean King, and pastor Patterson's secretary while at First Baptist Church in Fontana. That's just one example of the kind spirit this angel, preacher, and teacher of God has for those whom he held close to him. God has now said those final words to his comitted servant, "Well Done Thy Good And Faithful Servant" God comfort Melba and her children, and in your time grant her your perfect peace, in Jesus name. Amen Much love Yvonne King
Posted by Rev. D. Keith Bonner on April 11, 2014
History has a habit of dispensing a handful of men that help shape the corners of the world into which they are born. We call them the talented tenth or history's handfuls. One such man, born in rural Texas, was that of Dr. Patterson who's presence has left a nostalgic impression on preachers and pastors around the country. He will be missed. My deepest condolences to the family.
Posted by Denise Mayhan on April 11, 2014
I will always remember Dr. Patterson's warm smile and hearty laugh as well as his awesome gift for preaching and teaching the Word of God. I sat in the pews many revival nights at White Rock Baptist Church in Philadelphia where Rev. Dr. William J. Shaw is pastor, and listened with rapt attention to Dr. Patterson's messages. He will truly be missed. "Weeping may tarry for the night but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5b,
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