Board of Directors

Board of Directors

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Composition of the Board

The Board of Directors of this Convention consists of the persons identified in Article VI, Section 1, of the Revised Constitution, and includes (note:  these documents will be updated to reflect the incoming administration):
  1. the Officers;
  2. the Presidents from each of the states and territories represented by Constituent Members of the Convention;
  3. Two (2) Representatives from each of the boards and auxiliaries of the Convention; and
  4. Twenty-nine (29) members-at-large selected according to the formula prescribed in Article VI, Section 1(A)(4) of the Revised Constitution.

Officers of the Convention

  1. President
  2. Vice President at Large
  3. Five Regional Vice Presidents
  4. General Secretary
  5. Four Assistant Secretaries
  6. Treasurer
  7. Assistant Treasurer
  8. Statistician
  9. Editor of the National Baptist Voice
  10. Historian
  11. Parliamentarian

Board of Directors Roster - 2011

Dr. Julius Scruggs, AL - President
Dr. Jerry Young, MS - Vice President At-Large
Dr. Harry Blake, LA - Vice President—Southwest Region
Dr. Jimmy L. Brown, MO - Vice President—Mid-West Region
Dr. Claybon Lea, CA - Assistant Vice President—Western Region
The Reverend Washington Lundy, NY - Vice President—Northeast Region
The Reverend Clarence Moore, GA - Vice President—Southeast Region
Dr. John Reed, OK - Vice President—Western Region
Dr. Calvin McKinney, NJ - General Secretary
The Reverend James Blassingame, SC - First Assistant Secretary
The Reverend C. S. Gordon, LA - Second Assistant Secretary
Dr. Isaac Jackson, MS - Third Assistant Secretary
The Reverend Leon Sims, NJ - Fourth Assistant Secretary
The Reverend Otis B. Smith, AL - Recording Secretary
The Reverend Alvin Edwards, VA - Assistant Recording Secretary
The Reverend Willie Maynard, LA - Treasurer
Dr. Marcus Davidson, FL - Assistant Treasurer
The Reverend H. L. Harvey, OH - Statistician
The Reverend Lemuel Wynn, KS - Parliamentarian
The Reverend Thomas Morris, MS - Assistant Parliamentarian
The Reverend Michael Warren, FL - Historian
Dr. Larry B. West, DC - Chairman of Board of Directors
Dr. Boise Kimber, CT - Secretary of Board of Directors
Dr. Clifford Jones, NC -  Chairman of Governance Committee
Dr. Donaldson Jones - Special Assistant to the President
Dr. George Waddles Sr., IL - President, Congress of Christian Education
Dr. Oliver K. Patterson, MO – Chairman, Evangelism Board
Dr. Hugh Dell Gatewood, TX -  President, Woman’s Auxiliary
Brother Harold Simmons, KS - President, Laymen’s Auxiliary
The Reverend Kenneth Lyons, TX - President, Moderators’ Auxiliary
Sister Angelique Banks Coleman, IN - President, Music and Arts Auxiliary
Brother James McHenry, OK - President, Ushers and Nurses Auxiliary