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Date Title Author
Jun 9, 2016 Tampa Street Witnessing organized by the Evangelism Board Dr. Oliver K. Patterson, Sr., Evangelism Board Chairman
Jun 6, 2016 Blood Drive scheduled for the Congress Annual Session in Tampa Dr. Michael O. Minor, Special Assistant to the President, HOPE Ministry
Jun 6, 2016 ​CFPB Rallies Support for Proposed Payday Rules as Congressman Hensarling Questions Limiting Access to Credit JD Alois, Crowd Fund Insider
Jun 6, 2016 Musical Featuring John P. Kee & New Life and Kiki Sheard adds Special Guest AJ the Comedian Tampa Host Committee - Central Florida Fellowship
Jun 3, 2016 Nominations for the 50 Years in Pastoral Ministry Recognition
May 29, 2016 Laymen announce busy agenda for the upcoming Congress of Christian Education meeting Bill Campbell, General Secretary National Baptist Laymen's Movement
May 27, 2016 Criminal Justice Commission Schedule for Congress - Volunteers Needed for Ministry to Correctional Facility Harold Simmons
May 27, 2016 Are You Ready for iROCK? We're ready for you! Yvonne Pitts
May 27, 2016 Home Mission Board Congress of Christian Education Schedule Florence Jean Wright, Secretary
May 20, 2016 ​The Music Auxiliary Previews Activities for their 20th Year Celebration Dr. Angelique Banks-Coleman, Music and Worship Arts Auxiliary President
May 19, 2016 I LIVE TO WORSHIP Music CD Available for Purchase Now
May 15, 2016 Musicians are Preparing for the Children's Rally at the Congress Annual Session Denise Mayhan, Webmanager, NBC
May 15, 2016 Junior Laymen Ministry Young David's Bible Bowl Eastern Union Missionary Baptist Association Bill Campbell, General Secretary National Baptist Laymen's Movement
May 15, 2016 Laymen Foreign Mission Work Update for 2016 and Request for Support Charlie Richmond, Jr., Chairman, Laymen Foreign Mission
May 14, 2016 Congress of Christian Education Faculty Fellowship Banquet Tickets On Sale Now!
May 14, 2016 Jam-Packed Week Planned for the Junior Laymen at the Congress Annual Session Bill Campbell, General Secretary National Baptist Laymen's Movement
May 11, 2016 The Music & Worship Arts Auxiliary Celebrates 20 Years of Service Dr. Jerry Young, President, NBC, USA, Inc.
May 11, 2016 Federal Response to Flint, MI Water Crisis The White House Office of the Press Secretary
May 4, 2016 Third Annual Regular Arkansas Laymen "Boys State Meeting" A Big Success! Bill Campbell, General Secretary National Baptist Laymen's Movement
May 3, 2016 President Young continues to work with the SBC to address racial unity at meeting on June 14
Apr 27, 2016 Dr. Charles F. Thomas, Sr. will be honored for longstanding work as the Ecclesiastical Endorser for the NBC, USA, Inc.
Apr 27, 2016 Late Night Worship Services Line Up of Preachers Announced Dr. F. B. Mitchell, Chairman, Late Night Worship
Apr 22, 2016 SBC Invites Pres. Jerry Young to Annual Session to address prayer and racial unity Shawn Hendricks, BP News
Apr 20, 2016 Congress Annual Session President's Education Banquet tickets on sale now!
Apr 20, 2016 UPS Store Services at Tampa Convention Center
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